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Copy Protect is a tool for protecting video, audio, image, or text files
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Copy Protect is a tool for protecting video, audio, image, or text files. After the program protects them, the files cannot be copied or modified anymore. This software instrument can be used for a wide range of the most popular types of files for each category - video (MP4, MKV, VOB etc.), audio (MP3, WMA, WAV etc.), pictures (JPG, PNG, GIF etc.), and documents (DOC, XLS, PPT etc.).

The copy-protect process gradually carries you through each of its functions, making it significantly straightforward. At first, you will choose the files that you want to protect. A useful feature of the program is that it allows you to select whole folders or even entire drives, as well as all the files stored on your computer. Next, you can set the security level for the chosen files, after which you may select the drive where you would want to preserve the protected version. After you go through these steps, the program will proceed to convert the files into their protected format. Alternatively, it also allows you to burn them to a CD or DVD.

In conclusion, Copy Protect is a useful and easy-to-use instrument for protecting your files against unwanted copying or other alterations.

Josephine Seaman
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  • Very straightforward copy-protect process
  • You can select multiple files or folders to protect simultaneously


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